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Neurosurgical services are centralised and we know that a significant proportion of patients with a chronic subdural haematoma initially present to another hospital.  This means that patients are frequently transferred between care providers and makes it challenging to understand both how care is delivered and how this can impact on patient outcome.

In the Studying Elderly Neurosurgery In Our Region (Chronic Subdural Haematoma) project we are seeking to understand and evaluate how care is delivered across our regional care system.  To do this we have formed a collaborative of clinicians from hospitals across the East of England.

We are looking to understand:

- Who looks after patients with chronic subdural haematoma?

- How long do patients with a chronic subdural haematoma spend in hospital?

- How well do we communicate between trusts?

- What are the biggest perceived challenges in providing care for our patients?

Work is underway and we hope to have results soon.

We are very grateful to the Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT) for funding to support this project. 

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